10 Dope Graduation Cap Designs to Inspire You

Four years of finding yourself, studying hard, totally freaking out before finals, making the best memories with your friends, learning from your mistakes, and planning for your future all seem to be worth it once you make it to that big day of graduation. You’ve picked up your cap and gown and now you can’t quite decide whether “Started from the Bottom, Now We Here,” or “I Woke Up Like This” should be bedazzled on your cap to distinguish yours from the rest. Well lucky for you, we’ve rallied up our favorites from your peers across the country to help inspire you just a little bit! Check them out below! Cue Kanye Graduation*


1. Because Drake low key got you through hella rough times, he might’ve inspired you…


  2. When you’re excited for new beginnings  

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3. Because this milestone marks the first day of the rest of your life

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4. When you gotta give a shout out to the one who made you


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5. When you decide to switch crowns for a day


6. Lets be honest, the wine got us through many nights


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7. In the great words of Maya Angelou

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8. You’ve been waiting on graduation at the doe!


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9.  Not quite a college dropout, you actually made it across the finish line

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10. Because you are a Black Educated Queen (GradCap Design Winner*)!

The Queen Graduates. Pt. 2 #MyAsu #mathematics #MagnaCumLaude #Entry Black Excellence is the consciousness, respect, and love that I have for who I am, where I come from, and where I am headed. I am not only Jakiera Matthews…an HBCU college graduate of Mathematics at Alabama State University, woman of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. And student leader and mentor of many other young scholars. I am EVERY King and Queen… black man, woman, girl and boy…who strives for a better tomorrow for themselves and/or others in ANY aspect. There’s no limitation to Black Excellence. The struggle that we face and endure, the blood, sweat and tears shed for a sacrifice….it’s really a beautiful thing, black excellence. Just a little more feeling….a little more soul to it. Gives me chills. It’s the outcome of our ancestors and elders, solidifying a strong sense of love and pride for my people and our worth. I AM BLACK EXCELLENCE. Thank you, @BlackGirlsGraduate A photo posted by Jakiera. (@jmatdawg) on

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