10 Times #BlackGirlMagic Glo’d Up Your Timeline

Now listen here, everyone knows (or at least they should know) that the Black Girl glo’up is real. Black girls are fierce and slaying in every area, from education and careers to motherhood,  all while making it look effortless. Being a black girl is like being a part of an exclusive organization; requirements: must be melanated and poppin’ to apply. We are the tastemakers who influence popular culture.  There’s been countless occasions the magical glo’ up has blessed your timeline. Let’s take a moment to relive 10 times where the glo’up was too present to ignore.

First let me start by defining ‘Glo’ and ‘Glo-up’. When one is to ‘glo’ or ‘glo-up’ her confidence, swag and demeanor are so high that they can’t be changed by negativity. 


Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images for Kari Feinstein)

Don’t Cash Crop my Cornrows
Everyone’s favorite young feminist, Amanda Stenberg, took the world by storm with her opinion on cultural appropriation in this viral video. Amanda is one of our forerunners for Black Girl Magic. She is a young visionary and her glo’up is major. If you haven’t checked out this viral video, make sure you go listen. She will get you all the way together in the most sweet and sincere way.

Photo: teatendersx.com

The birth of baby royalty
We were all gathered around Instagram patiently waiting on photos of Blue Ivy and North West to drop. The heirs to the thrown and the little princesses of the rap game. And they both are so gorgeous and have their own little bubbly personalities. These two young ladies are the forerunners for the baby glo’.

Photo: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

First Lady & The Best Lady:
One time for the first lady of the United States, Ms. Michelle Obama. I have to say I’m so sad to see this come to an end. Michelle Obama has been THE BEST first lady that we’ve ever had, and the most flawless. She ALWAYS slays. There will probably never be that much glo’ in the White House ever again. First Lady, we salute you!

Photo: C Flanigan Getty Images

What’s good Ms. Good:
Am I the only one that really enjoys Meagan Good’s new walk of life? She seems so happy and content. Her whole life has a new glow. Not to mention that she and her husband just wrote a great book and they’re both on tour promoting it. Now Meagan has been acting for a while now and we’ve watched her grow. I’m glad we got to witness her new glo’.

Photo: Ebony.com

Watch Out for the Curvy Girls:
2 snaps and a hand clap. I am totally here for that Ebony cover with Jazmine Sullivan, Gabbi Fresh, Chrisette Michelle and Danielle Brooks. These ladies completely SLAYED! They looked gorgeous. Not to mention that they were holding it down for the plus sized girls. It’s very important that we support this movement in self-love beyond the physical. We see your glo’ ladies, and we love it.

Photo: Rog Walker

Runs in the family:
Let’s not forget that Solange did it first. Do you all remember those fabulous wedding photos? The whole family dressed in white, standing in formation with Solange front and center. I know I’m not the only one that reposted that picture with the “Yasssss” caption and heart-eyes emoji. Those picture were flawless. Glo’ Up indeed.

Photo: The Odyssey Online

Ok ladies, now let’s get in formation:
Fast forward to 2016 and Beyonce comes with the ‘Formation’ and ‘LEMONADE’ heat. The concept, the videos, the lyrics, Beyonce in general. Everything about it says GLO. Queen Bey does it again. Back at it again with the slay. We all appreciate Queen Bey’s leadership as the mother of slay. Like I said, clearly formation runs in the family.

Photo: HollywoodLife.com

You can’t help but love Rihanna. She represents that bad side that some of us are afraid to let loose. A lot of us think of her as that super sexy, always adventurous, naughty bad girl friend that does what she wants with no regrets. Rihanna is out here slaying with no remorse and I am not mad at her. Some of us were created to stand out and Rihanna is definitely one of those people.

Photo: ETOnline.com

On to bigger and better things:
Ciara has finally gotten her ring. After some relationships gone bad and some turmoil with the father of her child, Future, Ciara has finally found her Prince Charming in the form of Russell Wilson. And guess what? They are getting married! Now there are a lot of mixed reviews and feelings about the whole Future, Ciara & Russel Wilson love triangle, but overall, I’m happy for them. Ciara has a new glo’ about her and she seems happy. We’re hoping that everything works out. Congratulations sis!

Photo: HuffingtonPost.com

Have you ever just gone on Instagram and searched the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic? Well if you haven’t, you need to. First of all, the melanin is popping on a completely different level. Secondly, black girls are representing and they look gorgeous doing it. I personally am totally here for this movement. It’s imperative that we support one another and make sure that our sisters know they are beautiful. Hey sis, I see you. I support you and I see your glo!

Sharae' Cooper

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