3 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Have you ever talked about a New Year’s resolution with high enthusiasm about obtaining the goal? Two weeks pass and you’re already slacking…. one month later and your goal is out the window. I’ve definitely been guilty of this and I’m sure many of you have as well.  As bad as you wanted to be successful in reaching that goal, something happened and hindered your ability to achieve it.

See what happened was, Poor Planning, Inconsistency, and Weak Desire. A famous author once said, “Dreams do not work unless you do. And in the words of Steve Harvey, “The hustle is sold separately. Makes sense to me!

Poor Planning is the #1 reason why most people renege on their resolution. You may fool your friends, but you can’t fool yourself. Thinking I want a new job and taking the necessary steps to find a new job is two different initiatives. If wanting a new job is a goal you are striving to achieve develop a plan of action with a job search strategy that defines time allotted for networking, filling out applications, developing your interview skills, etc. A good plan includes targeted industries, influence assistance and multiple resumes that are catered to a company’s specific needs. Clearly defined goals are easier to follow. Carefully outline your day-to-day plan so that you know exactly what to expect from yourself.

#2. Inconsistency. Stop & start, I’ll start tomorrow and then tomorrow turns into the next day. Have you ever started a workout regimen and missed a day? Then another one? The struggle of inconsistency is the root to failure. Repetition, proper planning, and determination is what places your mind and body in the groove to continue. Your consistency will determine how bad you really want to find a new job or achieve your goal. Have you scheduled time to network? The actions you take each day should lead you closer to your dreams. Just Do It!

#3. Weak Desire. Nothing pushes you further faster than a deep burning desire to succeed. The great Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie are desire theorists who believe your desire is the root to your follow through. Knowing what is at stake is key to consistency – it’s easier to take medicine when it is a necessity. Thus, the question becomes “how bad do you want it”. Sacrificing your time, bad foods, energy, etc. is worth it if you can clearly define the motivation to your success. Everyday you should remind yourself and most importantly rededicate yourself to achieving your goal. One day at a time is all you are required to do.

It is absolutely amazing to set out a goal and wholeheartedly seek to achieve it. With the New Years approaching, these three tips will be vital to you achieving your goals. Remember, one day at a time. Best wishes to triumphs and achievements in 2016!

Chandria Lucious

Chandria Lucious is an accomplishing Career Development Consultant & HR professional. Her career development knowledge draws from years of experience in a range of perspectives including but not limited to career specialist, higher education recruiter, and corporate HR professional. Chandria has an educational background in counseling psychology and enjoys using her talents to cultivate others success.

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