5 Places to Turn Up with the SQUAD on NYE

In just 13 days, the year of 2015 will be over! We can’t believe how fast time has flown by either, but after 365 days of triumphs and trials it’s time to turn up with the squad and celebrate all that has transpired. The legend goes, that the way you close out the year will inspire what’s to come forth in the new year. With that being said, it’s only right that you surround yourself with positive vibes and energy. We’ve pulled together a list of 5 places you and your squad can ride out the year until the stroke of midnight. From partying in the clouds above the city lights, to kickin’ it poolside with The Weekend, check out some dope NYE turn ups below!

  • Chicago, Illinois 

    • Touch the Sky 2016 NYE Celebration at the Willis Tower. Pop Champagne with your homies and experience the very best views from the 312. Get those tickets before they’re gone here.


  • New York, New York 

    • It’s a DRILL NYE, if you’ve ever been to a party hosted by DRILL then you already know it’s about to be a banger! If you’re not trying to see the ball drop but you wanna drop it like it’s hott then grab your tickets here!


  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

    • If you’ve saved up some money and wanna bring the new year in wearing a bikini, it’s only one place that’s guaranteed to be fun and that’s Copacabana Beach! Get those frequent flyer points together and book your getaway, more information here.


  • Ibiza, Spain 

    • We had to include something for our techno lovers, Cicoloco is sure to go down in the history books when you and your girls turn up here! There’s only one way to do it when in Spain, and that’s at the most iconic underground party in the world, get your passport ready and check out the deets here.


  • Miami, Florida 

    • Last but certainly not least, we had to include the city of year round turn ups. If you didn’t get enough of Miami during that Spring Break trip you planned with your girls then here’s your chance for round two! It’s going down at Fontaine Bleau and this time it’s poolside with none other than every girl’s dream The Weeknd!!! Get the tix now here!



Ashley Obasi

Ashley Obasi is the founder of BGG. She's also a PR strategist by day, and change-agent by default. She's so Chicago, and loves free food.

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