Ask HR! Work Holiday Party?

I’m a little short on money this year….do I have to attend the Holiday Christmas Party?

Dear Millennial: I understand that money is a little tight, however, I would recommend for you to attend the party unless you have to pay a fee upfront. There are tons of ways for you to have a great time, “get to know your cohorts” and keep a healthy pocketbook. #1. Do not drink. Drinking at a company’s party during your first year is not a bad look…but, it’s not a good look either. #2. Eat before you go! Hold true to your new year new healthy living – I’m starting early (hint, hint) and #3. Make warm DIY Christmas gifts and cards and filled with love, appreciation and celebration. Dance, be cordial and most of all celebrate!

All my best,


Chandria Lucious

Chandria Lucious is an accomplishing Career Development Consultant & HR professional. Her career development knowledge draws from years of experience in a range of perspectives including but not limited to career specialist, higher education recruiter, and corporate HR professional. Chandria has an educational background in counseling psychology and enjoys using her talents to cultivate others success.

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