Beyoncé, Changing the Narrative with #LEMONADE


We couldn’t resist. By now you have watched #LEMONADE. If you missed it or have somehow managed to wait it out due to finals or major project deadlines, we commend you. In part, because once you see this work of art it will be difficult to resist the desire to read multiple think-pieces and tweets, not to mention the urge to watch hilarious reaction videos. You might even want to start a #changethenarrative reading group using this #LEMONADE inspired book list.  Once you watch, you might find that you need new speakers for a surround sound experience. You might even decide to plan a lemonade party where you play #LEMONADE, drink #LEMONADE (buying of course from this #blackgirlmagic brand) and invite all of the black women in your life to share the experience that is #LEMONADE
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Keeping with the theme of shared experience we wanted to add to the conversation two additional ways that #LEMONADE resonates with us. #LEMONADE and educational attainment. It’s a real thing. So is #LEMONADE and professional advancement. So this piece is not necessarily about the Queen BEY, but what we found in her message to all of us. We want to take some time to shout YOU out for the way you all are constantly turning lemons into lemonade in these spaces and in your life.


BGG has been honored to learn about so many resilient women over the past year who have overcome – toxic relationships, stressful semesters, loss of loved ones, homelessness, domestic violence, illnesses, mental health challenges, financial hardship, violence in the community and family strife. We have been through some of it all ladies.

Yet, we are still out here achieving.

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So congratulations to all the #blackgirlsgraduat[ing] in the class of 2016, and to everyone who is currently working towards their goals. Ms Tina Lawson said it herself, “No matter what you’ve gone through in life. You can come out on the other side.

Happy Bey Lemonade

Tag your friends who you’re proud of!
&& Keep making #LEMONADE ; )

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S/o to reader @alexandria_southern whose thoughtful message of encouragement also inspired this post.


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