Entry Level Woes

We all hated it, but this is why it’s worth it

So you’ve landed your dream job, at your dream company but things are the complete opposite of what you’ve expected. You’re asking yourself when you’ll actually be assigned one of the dope projects they bragged about at the job fair on campus last semester. You were so hype to post your offer letter to Instagram because you just knew you were on your way to Beyonce status, taking business trips every other weekend.

Then suddenly six months later you cringe at the sight of your unread emails in your inbox. You find yourself having to “Woo-Sah” in-between forced “Do you have any fun plans this weekend” Friday conversations. And occasionally you whisper “fix it Jesus” to yourself before totally losing it. You feel like you are merely just another face at the long table in office meetings, sipping your French vanilla latte counting down the minutes you have left until lunch. That’s if you get to take a lunch, because you are being worked like you’ve been at the company for years.

I know you’re tired of hearing the phrase “pay your dues,” but there is too much truth in the statement to retire it. This experience isn’t what you’ve expected because you have allowed it to be. It’s your time to go all in and remind your boss who you are, and why they hired you. Be proactive! Always raise your hand and volunteer to take on new projects outside of your role. This is a great way to gain exposure to different practice areas within your company and spice your week up outside of your usual tedious routine.

Acknowledge that perfection is unrealistic. Just like that juicy burger commercial that makes your mouth water when you’ve never even tried it, that job fair had its way with you enough to make you believe there wouldn’t be cloudy days.  But make the most of it! Take advantage of the resources available at the company. Whether that may be professional development seminars, or getting lunch with senior level executives. Don’t limit yourself because your role isn’t what you thought it was. The only way to grow is by vocalizing your interest and exploring other opportunities within the company.

And on the bright side, entry level woes wont last always!

Ashley Obasi

Ashley Obasi is the founder of BGG. She's also a PR strategist by day, and change-agent by default. She's so Chicago, and loves free food.

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