HBO Access Writing Fellowship

The next HBO writer could be you! The HBOAccess Writing Fellowship is a great opportunity for young diverse writers to develop a half-hour or hour script suitable for HBO or Cinemax. Up to 8 talented diverse writers will be selected to take part in a series of master classes held over one week in mid-August at the HBO campus in Santa Monica. Fellows will get to work with HBO executives and show runners in classes focused on character, story, pitching, securing an agent, and networking.

Shout out to Yolanda Carney, a celebrated Chicago-based writYolanda Carneyer and comedian who is currently a fellow. Her most recent play, THINKING SACKS OF MEAT, was the winner of the First Laugh Festival (Piccolo Theatre, 2015). “I’m so grateful for the opportunity. It’s been an amazing experience and I’ve learned so much from my executive mentors at HBO. I can’t thank HBO enough for making this program happen.”

And what could be better than gaining a mentor? Each fellow will be paired with an HBO or Cinemax development executive who will serve as his/her mentor throughout the next 8 months. While the week of classes will take place in California, mentoring can be done remotely via Skype, email, phone or in person. Really, whatever works for you and your mentor. Additionally HBO will hold monthly group meetings where fellow’s projects will continue to be work-shopped.

If that is not enough, at the end of the 8 months, HBO will hold a reception for industry professionals where the writers will be introduced to the entertainment community!

The process will open March 4, 2015 at 9am PST/ 12pm ET

But will close once they reach  1,000 submissions so start getting ready now!


Candidates will be required to supply the following:
• Withoutabox Application
• Resume or Bio
• Original Material – ½ hour comedy pilot or 1 hour drama pilot, play, or feature film screenplay
• Answer to the personal statement prompt
• Agree to terms and conditions

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