Interview Basics: What’s In My Bag

I know I’m not the only one who loves when my favorite vloggers upload a What’s In My Bag video. This type of post is very popular on YouTube, but many bloggers have put together very creative written versions as well, so it’s only right we have one too. However, this What’s In My Bag blog isn’t fashion or beauty related; it’s for our working girl in need of assistance for her interview!

Not only should you be mentally and physically prepared for your interview (you’re probably nervous enough as it is), your bag should be prepared too! Remembering to pack a few essential items in your bag will ease your mind on interview day, and will definitely come in handy if anything unexpected happens. Here’s what I always have in my bag when interviewing:


My bag. I’m not a huge fan of large bags for an interview. I wouldn’t want my gorgeous oversized purse to outshine or cause a distraction when the focus should be on me. I prefer a small purse that will hold my belongings and isn’t too noisy when moved around. I’m currently loving this plain black shoulder bag from H&M. It’s small enough to hide behind you, but just right to fit all your basic needs. Not to mention it’s still super cute and sleek, and styles well with any type of blazer.

My wallet. If you don’t want to empty out all of your cards, dollar bills, and change simply put a hand-sized wallet in your purse as well. I’d even recommend taking just your wallet and not your purse when it’s time to go into the building.

Extra Pens. Having a pen at all times is very important, not just for interviews but anywhere you go. For business purposes, stick with black or blue ink, and grab an extra one just in case the ink decides it doesn’t want to come out that day.

Lotion and Lips. It might just be me, but I absolutely hate dry hands. I have lotion (and hand sanitizer) with me everywhere I go. For your interview, you don’t want your first handshake with your soon-to-be-boss to feel rough and uncomfortable. Moisturize a little before the interview starts, so your hands won’t be dry or too slippery.

Also, make sure your lips are moisturized as well. Chapstick, nude/natural colored lipstick, or non-glossy lip-gloss that matches your skin is the most appropriate choice to accompany business professional attire. My favorites are MAC Viva Glam II (Satin) Lipstick and Viva Glam VI Lipglass.

Keys. Please remember to take your keys when getting out of the car. It’s already hard enough to stay calm during your interview, let alone remembering you locked your keys in the car when it’s finished.

Gum. Have some minty gum with you and chew it before arriving to your interview. It will help calm any nerves you may have. But please remember to spit it out before going into the interview: Smacking is definitely not cute!

Outside of my purse, I also have my portfolio. A portfolio is great to have during any type of business professional meeting. You will be able to safely carry copies of your resume, business cards, a notepad, and of course, an extra pen. I hope what I have in my bag will help you to remember the necessities for yours, and it’ll be one less thing to worry about on interview day. Good Luck!


Ashley Drayton

Ashley Drayton is an aspiring fashion and lifestyle writer and magazine editor from Atlanta, GA. She is most likely found blogging on, managing and writing for, listening to music or her favorite podcasts--The Read and Dormtainment, watching YouTube vloggers, having the time of her life at concerts, or out in the city with her friends.

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