Tell-Tale Signs: Do You Really Want to Work For This Company?

Companies offer red-flags from the moment you noticed a posting to the time you interview. #1. sign you should look for is their professionalism. Your professionalism will be judge and you should judge theirs as well. Are they organized? Do they provide ample enough time for you to plan for an interview? Do they offer parking decals/ a stress-free process to get to your interview? Does the job posting look scammy? All these things should be taken into account. How does the office look? What are the perks of the company? Be sure all your needs are able to be met without any hesitation and lastly, does the job description correlates with their interpretation of your day-to-day assignments for the role? Be sure to ask plenty of questions and always remember: You are checking out the company just as much as they are reviewing your values.

Chandria Lucious

Chandria Lucious is an accomplishing Career Development Consultant & HR professional. Her career development knowledge draws from years of experience in a range of perspectives including but not limited to career specialist, higher education recruiter, and corporate HR professional. Chandria has an educational background in counseling psychology and enjoys using her talents to cultivate others success.

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