The 3 Elevator Pitches You Should Always Have Prepared

The 3 Elevator Pitches You Should Always* Have Prepared…even after you get the job.

Congratulations– you’re hired! After weeks (or months) of endless applications, you can now proudly count yourself amongst the gainfully employed. #ItsLit. BUT, before you rush to put your job search days behind you, there’s at least one skill you’ve mastered along the way that’s definitely worth holding on to: the art of The Pitch.

Whether while networking at career fairs, in a literal elevator, or in the interview room itself, at some point, as a job applicant, you’ve probably had to deliver the ever-hyped elevator pitch; a brief synopsis of your life experiences strategically crafted to answer the question Why should I pay you?”*.

*(See Also: “And why do you think you’d be a good fit for this position?”).

Still, in addition to the standard #CareerGoals spiel, there’s a shortlist of “pitches” (read: conversational calls to action) that even you— the “happily employed”– should always keep on hand:


1. One to promote your side hustle.

Even if your job title is Professional BFF to Beyonce and you could never imagine putting in your two weeks notice, this one is a must. At a moment’s notice, make sure you can communicate the key points of your latest passion project or hobby as a means of (tasteful) self-promotion to field additional opportunities in your area of interest.

2. One to leave an impression on potential mentors

The goal here is to come across as professional, passionate, and curious about the industry you both share. Drop a few personal facts that speak to the above bases, score their card, and send a follow-up email thanking them for the exchange. Then add an invite for coffee.

3. One to pay it forward.

That law of attraction that everyone and their mother has told you about? Yeah, it works. Help nurture your own career karma and spread the love by talking up an associate to relevant players in your circle. Be sure to highlight their most impressive experiences, their area of expertise, and what kinds of opportunities you just know they’d be great at.

Now that you’re armed with the above talking points, it’s time to (net)werk. Be sure to let us know which “pitches” you try (and call us out if we missed one) in the comments section below.

Cheyla Shabazz

Cheyla Shabazz is a NYC based Media Strategist and Syracuse University alumna with a deep love for over-hyphenation, puns, and speaking parenthetically. When she’s not writing, she enjoys cooking (or simply eating all cheese-covered items), Chinese dramas, and exploring parts unknown. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @sincerestsarczm!

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