Say Yes to Happy Hour

You’ve been counting down the hours until five o’clock since you walked through the door at nine. You get there, nothing is going as planned, and your to-do list is as long as Santa’s the night before Christmas. Your manager has been acting crazy all day and you just simply can’t! The only logical solution is Happy Hour. 

Happy hours make a bad day a thing of the past and here is why you should always take advantage of them!

1. It’s time to get all the things that grinned your gears during the week off your chest.

You have the freedom to talk about your manager or boss without being fired. But first remember the person you’re talking in front of before you let the libations take you to a point of no return.

2. You will be in the company of all your work best friends enjoying a much-needed stress reliever.

Happy hour is a round table discussion with your favorite co-workers giving you a chance to let your guard down, laugh, and leave all your troubles at the office.

3. After happy hour, you will get the best sleep of your life.

After you start to feel that fifth margarita the only thing calling your name is your bed – unless you get extremely drunk and hit your ex with that I miss you text.

4. You’ve worked hard all week, you deserve a drink!

Either all week for a friday turn up or half the week for a hump day celebratory libation. Regardless of the timing, you owe it yourself to unwind. It will actually motivate you to finish the week off strong.

5. Everyone enjoys a drink!

You create bonds with people around the office that you never expected to talk to at the coffee machine because anyone trying to hold conversations before 9AM has a serious death wish.

6. Everyone’s after-five personality is always way better.

You get to see some of your co-workers in a different light because after 5PM you are introduced to an entirely different person.

 7. Libations make all your problems go away – unless you wake up with a hangover.

Just remember the sunglasses and Advil while you are running for the late bus, oh and coffee– BLACK coffee is your best friend when you really need a pick-me-up!

Happy Hour is your time away from your cube to decompress and talk about all the ish in the office that pisses you off. Because let’s face it, you’ve been working this 9 to 5 just to stay alive; after five is your time to get live, so take advantage!

Chad Harris

Chad Harris is an organized mess and proud product of the best HBCU; The Real HU (Hampton University) Duh. He is a native of Chicago, PR genius, and all around urban gentleman. Reach him at or find him on the snap, gram, and twitter @wasitthe_chad or not (thats totally up to you). Read more from Chad at

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