HBCU College VLOG Round Up

Ever wondered what it’s like on another college campus? Sure you can Google a college of interest and find a cookie cutter version of what student life is like, but that still doesn’t quite do the trick. Take a peek inside what it’s like living in a dorm, balancing work and class, Greek life, and hanging on the quad.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite College VLOGS from a few of our favorite Black Girl Youtubers, check these ladies out below and see what’s poppin on their campus!

1. Jayla Koriyan

#2 BeautyandBrains5

#3 Keesha Anderson

#4 Kathryn Bedell

#5 Simply Drea

Ashley Obasi

Ashley Obasi is the founder of BGG. She's also a PR strategist by day, and change-agent by default. She's so Chicago, and loves free food.

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