What are some ways that I can break into the HR field and learn a little more without actually working in a HR specific position?​

Hi Diamond,
Thanks for reaching out! No worries… HR is such a broad industry. Having a background in Sociology is not really bad at all. It is funny! I share the same background! 🙂  My biggest advice to you is to analyze your key strengths and educational knowledge that will quickly transfer to Human Resources Management, specifically examine things such as your analytical and detail orientation skills. Being a Recruiter is actually a great step in the door! You will be introduced to the processes and procedures of HR and you will, more than likely, play an intricate role to the  administrative team. As I mentioned, HR is broad. Fine tune exactly what you like most about the HR industry such as benefits, on-boarding, training, etc. and go from there! ​
Chandria Lucious

Chandria Lucious is an accomplishing Career Development Consultant & HR professional. Her career development knowledge draws from years of experience in a range of perspectives including but not limited to career specialist, higher education recruiter, and corporate HR professional. Chandria has an educational background in counseling psychology and enjoys using her talents to cultivate others success.

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