What do Human Resource Managers look for in Entry-Level Professionals?

Human Resource Managers only serve as the decision-makers when the HR department is hiring. The HR department assists Department Managers and team leaders in finding the best candidates. When it comes to interviewing, focus more on the specific department’s needs and expertise. It is always important to familiarize yourself with software and systems the department or company generally uses so that you are able to really display your value.

When it comes to Entry-Level Professionals, having a “can -do” attitude and teachable persona elevates you further faster. It is also great to be able to compare and contrast your experience serving in college to their needs as well.

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All my best,
Chandria Lucious

Chandria Lucious

Chandria Lucious is an accomplishing Career Development Consultant & HR professional. Her career development knowledge draws from years of experience in a range of perspectives including but not limited to career specialist, higher education recruiter, and corporate HR professional. Chandria has an educational background in counseling psychology and enjoys using her talents to cultivate others success.

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