10 Side-Hustles You Should Know About


Let me start by stating, everyone was doing something this summer! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of employed youth, 16 to 24 years old, increased from 2.1 to 20.3 million from April to July 2015. This tells me that the idea of doing stuff to make money is something that a lot of us are interested in – which really is the idea behind a side hustle. A side hustle/job is something that you do, besides your regular 9 to 5, that puts some extra cash in your pockets.

To execute a side-hustle that makes sense, it has to make sense. (It’s seriously that simple) The reality is that no matter how exceptional your hustle may be, if it doesn’t serve a general purpose or if it isn’t recognized, no one is going to pay attention to it. Promotion, dedication, and ambition are the top three qualities of any good hustler. Did I mention ambition?

Good hustlers have the ability to create opportunities – they can sell honey to a bee and water to a whale – but they also understand the meaning behind Supply and Demand. So without further ado, let’s explore 10 side-hustles that can potentially inspire you to take up a new hobby or help you market a hobby you already have!

1. Makeup Artist (MUA)

Lets face it (literally) – we have become our most important subjects, so the business of beauty is booming right now! Statistics shows that a professional makeup artist depending on experience and location can make anywhere from $18,780 to $115,030 per year – top paying states being New York, California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Georgia. Now if you ask me, this is a side hustle that has the potential to be the main event!

2. Baker

“Let Them Eat Cake.” If you love to bake in your free time, turn this into your side hustle! You can cash in quickly with this one because everyone has birthdays! To increase your profitability, learn and practice how to make designs and the ingredients needed for Gluten Free,Vegan and Soy-Free cake. And if you want to turn this side dish into a main course, Culinary School is a only an application away and you’ll already have a portfolio!

3. Personal Shopper / Stylist

Personal shoppers can work for clients who simply don’t have the time to shop for themselves, or they can work for retail companies. Now, working for a retail company may require you to have a fashion degree but working for an individual just requires you to have style. Being a personal shopper means being able to pay attention to intricate details that fit your client needs and desires, while adding your own flare. As a personal shopper, you set your own price but you will have to make sure you have a platform to show people you can actually dress – [insert Instagram name here]. And remember, stylists help transform the world, one wardrobe at a time!

4. Educational Tutor

Tutors are just as important as teachers when it comes to making sure students are prepared for tests, quizzes, homework, etc. If you are good in math, english, literature, or foreign languages and a whiz at explaining concepts and problems, this is for you! Becoming a tutor can be a very lucrative side hustle as there are no shortage of students and parents will shell out the big bucks if you can show them that you know what you’re talking about. Tutors charge anywhere from $9-$100 an hour, depending on their expertise – just make sure to have a copy of your test scores and transcripts.

5. Personal Trainer

If you’re an individual who loves to work out, eat right, and overall live a healthy lifestyle, become a personal trainer. Losing and maintaining weight can be extremely hard, especially with so many crash diets and skinny teas out there. Personal trainers help individuals meet their fitness and health goals, and that’s an area that people will definitely splurge in.

6. Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are able to work for a variety of clients. They can write editorials, tutorials, entertainment news, and other kinds of written materials. Freelance writers have the luxury of working for different companies and some can even work from the comfort of their own homes. If you have a way with storytelling, this is definitely a side hustle you should try!

7. Personal Blogger

Personal bloggers are people I like to call lifestyle enthusiasts. They usually talk about anything that interests them while focusing on certain niche areas, ie. makeup, fashion, food, books, etc. This can be very difficult at the beginning stage because you have to build an audience in order to make money, but it is possible. And if you are able to gain lots of followers, companies will pay top dollars to be able to advertise to them on your website!

9. Babysitter

If you like to play with children or have experience working with kids by way of younger siblings, becoming a babysitter may be the job for you. This job is ideal if you’re looking for a part time gig, but there are some instances where babysitting can be full time depending on the client’s needs.

10. Hairstylist / Barber

Being a hairstylist is a very sacred position because there is a significant amount of trust you give to someone who does you hair. You can be a freelance hairstylist/barber or you can work at a salon. The main requirement is a cosmetology degree. (Some states may even require a high school diploma) Characteristics that you should have if pursuing this profession are being personable, having good customer service skills, and being professional at all times. This is a great way to receive clientele. Your potential salary earnings will vary because it really depends on the amount of clients you have and the services you offer.


For all these side hustles, social media is your best friend! Display your talents across all your social media channels AND print out cute business cards. You can even go one step further and create your own blog. No matter what you do, let it be something you enjoy doing but put in the extra time to make extra cash. In other words, don’t knock the hustle, get with it!