5 Tips for Crushing the Internship



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Congratulations, after being handpicked among thousands of resumes, rounds of interviews, and months of anticipation, you are the chosen one. It might be your first internship, it might be your third, but this advice will come in handy for anyone looking to crush the internship!

  • Create your own position – More often than companies would like to admit, they have no idea what to do with interns. You may have a specific team and title, but after the orientation is said and done they’re not sure how much responsibility to give you – after all, most internships last 3 months. My advice to you is find things that need fixing, take on projects in things you’re interested in learning about, and create those resume bullet points yourself.
  • ‘Askin’ all them questions’ – Besides the obvious “how do I do my job” questions, ask everyone everything. Interview your co-workers about their jobs and their career background. Ask your manager for their story. Ask people in the break room about their jobs too! People appreciate when you show interest.
  • Take advantage of informal opportunities – Whether you’re invited to a happy hour, a round of golf, a trail run, or a movie night, say YES! These are opportunities to get to know your colleagues and superiors in a more comfortable environment. Plus, when they get to see you outside of work they’re going to feel more invested in your career development. No matter how corny, don’t pass them up!
  • Do the dirty work – As an intern, you’re never too good to do something. Even if it doesn’t have to deal directly with your job title. If it’s something difficult or impossible that’s a different story, but if you feel you’re above something, ground yourself. You never know what doors that chore or task may open up for you!
  • Learn outside of work – As exhausted as you may be at the end of the day, it’s important to learn your craft or your industry inside and out. Subscribe to industry newsletters, read the latest reports, and attend related events.

You’ve got 3 months to stand out and everything laid out in front of you. It’s really easy to just do the bare minimum, feel uninspired, and eventually get into a routine that doesn’t challenge you to think outside of the box! Don’t do it! You’ve got this. #CrushIt.