7 Things I’ll Miss About College



It seems like just yesterday I first arrived at Mizzou. I remember being excited to move into my new room, to see my friends from high school, and just live the college life. Now that I’m a junior and I feel the next year and a half will fly by, I wanted to share the 7 things I’ll miss about college!

Free food.

Most colleges have on campus events and to entice people to come, they usually have free food. I no longer have a meal plan to eat at the dining hall so this is great when I don’t want to pay for expensive takeout food.

The sense of community.

The great thing about college is that we’re all in the same boat, going through “somewhat” similar situations and that makes it easier to make friends. I live in a college town so it’s so much fun when there is a home football game and the whole town is involved in the school spirit. You don’t really feel alone because you know there are other people out there feeling the same way you do.

The resources.

We are at an awkward time in our lives when we are technically adults, but not quite ready to be independent. Thankfully there are so many resources out there to help. If you don’t understand something in class you can get a free tutor, if you need to print you have a print quota, if you need to go to the gym that’s free too. In college, you can really win – for free – and that I will miss when I’m gone.

Being close to my friends.

Right now I live in a house with one of my friends from high school and my other friends are only a ten minute drive away. When we graduate, some of us will be moving to other cities, so I really enjoy and appreciate this time that we’re able to see each other frequently.

Being independent but still being able to rely on my parents.

Like I mentioned in number 3, we are in an awkward period in our lives. So having family as a support system is what keeps me sane. Yes, I’m independent but I know as soon as I graduate, they’ll have my back – especially if I need to move in! ☺

The discounts.

Another perk of living in a college town is that when there are big sporting events you get discounts at stores and restaurants. On top of that, there are a lot of other stores and restaurants that will give you a discount for just showing your school ID. Keep yourself updated on which ones via Google.

The network and classes.

Mizzou’s School of Journalism is pretty well known (it’s the first school of journalism in the country and, to me, the best). So, whenever I am trying to network to find internships and partnership opportunities, Mizzou opens so many doors for me. Everyone who I’ve networked with has either attended Mizzou, known someone who has, or is familiar with it. The school is known for the Missouri Method which is basically students learn inside and outside of the classroom by doing real work that they can use for a portfolio.


If you are starting college, write in the comments what you’re looking forward to. If you’re already in college, what will you miss the most?