DIY: Spice Up Your Cubicle



One thing that might be more draining than sitting in a cubicle from 9 to 5 is having to look at those boring grey walls, while sitting in a  cubicle from 9 to 5. After a while, those grey walls can seem to start closing in on you, and we don’t want that to happen! Get your creative decorating skills going and make time to spice up your cubicle with the tips listed below.

Let’s start by covering those awful walls by adding some color and welcoming positive vibes into your workspace. Grab some colorful ribbon and cute pushpins to create your very own photo board. Print pictures of your friends, family, inspirational women, or even your celebrity #MCM to give you motivation when you need it most. To add more color and personality, paint small picture frames and hang them up as well.

To give you a comfortable at home feeling for all of those late nights at work, hang some decorative lights around your cubicle and add a soft faux fur rug under your feet. You’ll feel just a little bit more relaxed when you’re at the office alone.


Brit + Co

Brit + Co

We already know your A-game will always be on point at work, but just to help you out with organization and staying on top of things, create your very own DIY Calendar and clock for your cubicle. These items will definitely add to the new decor and keep you on time, at the same time!

To top it all off, decorate a few mason jars with your favorite colors and fill them with your favorite pens, highlighters, markers, etc., or even add a few nail and makeup emergency essentials to your mason jar and display them decoratively on your desk. Don’t forget to decorate your laptop with your favorite case, or decorate your keyboard at your desktop, and Voila! Your DIY cubicle is now the cutest in the office.


We hope your new colorful space will bring all of the positive energy you need to make it through the day and keep you motivated. Keep Werking!