End of the Semester Bucket List!!


As a soon-to-be graduating senior, I find myself every so often trying to cherish my last few months in my college town. One of the goals I set for myself was to explore D.C. more and do more things for myself, basically, make the most of this semester and have fun doing it. No matter where you are in your college career,  I hope that in-between loads of school work, tests and papers that you make time to set goals that reflect who you want to be and what you want to achieve. Here are 20 things you should try to do before the semester ends:

    1. Try out a restaurant you’ve never been to
    2. Tie up loose ends with old friends
    3. Take a mental health day for yourself (a.k.a. “Netflix & Chill” day)
    4. Treat yoself! — Go somewhere by yourself, spend time with yourself or buy something for you
    5. Do something you’ve never done. Be spontaneous
    6. Go to a concert or a show you’ve always wanted to see
    7. Apply for summer jobs and internships
    8. Have a “family dinner” with all of your closest friends. Make sure everyone brings something!
    9. Try a new workout — Zumba, Crossfit, Soul Cycle, whatever
    10. Start pursuing your passion
    11. Go to an art gallery or exhibit
    12. Travel — to another neighborhood, state, road trip
    13. Find a mentor or someone in your field that you admire
    14. Work, work, work — keep your eye on the prize!
    15. Tell your friends how much you appreciate them — buy them something, write a note, spend time with them
    16. Listen to a new music artist
    17. Find a new hobby — photography, listening to a podcast, learn to cook
    18. Document your adventures, your life in whatever way possible
    19. Meet new people and gain new friends
    20. Put yourself in an awkward and uncomfortable situation

This school year is almost over. Challenge yourself and have fun. School isn’t just about the books, it’s about the experience. So make the most of your experience.