Listening to Migos is Better than Your Morning Coffee


It’s Monday morning, you’re still hung over from Sunday’s endless mimosas, and staying up late to catch James St. Patrick’s bad boy goodness, and of course by default, the struggle is just real because who likes Monday’s anyway. Whether you’re commuting to school or work, you probably kick off your day with some sort of complicated Starbucks order: Chai French Vanilla Latte, with extra swirl.

Cut the carbs, and the dollars, we’re about to turn up your morning, and pump up your energy with the Black Girls Graduate – Lit AM playlist! This is not a sponsored post, but everyone has at least one streaming app on their phone, and hopefully it’s Spotify. Download the app, and shake your coffee habit. We’ve curated this list with some of the most lit artists, but all glory goes to Migos! From Bad & Bougee to Slippery, you just cannot sit still when you hear any of their songs come on. Everyone has secretly practiced twerking in the mirror to Get Right Witcha. This playlist is bound to have you twerking in your chair, and having flashbacks about your ratchet night at Grits & Biscuits literally. Use precaution, if you work in a very corporate setting, headphones are your friend!

While you’re listening, no need to feel guilty. Just remember #PrettyGirlsLikeTRapMusic & #EducatedGirlsTwerk!

Stream the playlist below: