Office Hours — Go!


So, we’re mid-point in the semester and you’re thinking: maybe, I can drop out and be a hair stylist (oh crap, I don’t know how to do hair…at all), or “if I do this amount of extra credit, I can get a C…and C’s get degrees”, or maybe I shouldn’t have skipped class when he covered this”, or maybe you have it all together. If you’re not one of the more organized, brainy students, there’s a way out of the madness. I present to you, office hours.

Professors typically block off several hours a week for students to come to their office to say “look, I’m struggling” or “can you make this a little bit clearer for me?” and guess what? Most of them are glad to do so. Office hours offer you a chance to sit down with your instructors to explain to them why you are finding material to be difficult and how to move forward into the land of academic excellence. This is also an amazing opportunity for those who may shy away from raising their hand in class because they have a “stupid question” (FYI: NO question is EVER stupid). However, if you’re not convinced, attend office hours! Professors are more likely to sympathize with that extra 2% that you may need to pass the course when you buckle-down, ask for help, and study. If office hours aren’t enough, some instructors don’t mind tutoring you on a subject after class. This is awesome because you’re taking advantage of all of the opportunities that YOUR tuition money offers. With that being said, don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling because you still have time to fix it. Be proactive and go to office hours so you can move on with your academic plan.

Happy Studying!