Rebuilding Your Confidence


Picture this: You’re going through a season of blessings, and everything is coming up in your favor. School and work is a breeze, your bills are paid and you still have money left over to treat yourself, you’re stress-free, you finally found bae and all of your melanin is shining from miles away. Next thing you know, everything turns upside down all at once and you have no idea why. You feel lost, confused, the stress and anxiety has come back with a vengeance, and your confidence hits an all time low. Depression is a serious health concern among African Americans, especially women. While mental health is taboo in the African American community, many are going through similar struggles. You are not alone during this rough patch. It may seem like you’ve been granted bad luck, remain calm. The best is yet to come.

All of us have gone through or will unfortunately go through a season where everything just seems to go wrong. There are different moments where stress levels rise, such as finals week, or when you’re approaching yearly review at work. You don’t know what to do, how to feel, or what your next move should be. You’re overthinking everything, and it’s even affecting the way you’re interacting with friends. I’m here to tell you, it will be okay; you just have to weather the storm. However, while you’re in this season, take time to reflect on your situation. Yes, it will be tough, but you have to remember to remain positive, take care of yourself, and keep your confidence in check.

Keeping your confidence on a balanced level will help you stay motivated through trying times, but in the essence that it drops and keeps dropping, there are ways to rebuild it to new levels.

First and foremost, make time for you.

During the uncomfortable seasons, it’s very easy to forget about yourself and keep your focus on everything else that is going on in your life. Making time for you is important for mental and emotional reasons, and will allow you to rejuvenate on those bad days. Take yourself on a walk, a bike ride, or just get out in the sun. Take yourself on a date, or do something you’ve never done before. Pamper Yourself. Get your hair done, nails done, everything did. For the travelers, take yourself on vacation. Get to know yourself through ways you never knew you could.

Writing and journaling can also be a way to get things off of your mind and work on your confidence. Start a journal and give yourself a daily motivational word or a positive adjective that describes you. Write your goals that you want to accomplish through this period of change and read them everyday. Replace all of the negative thoughts with positive ones, and reread them to remind yourself that this season will not last for long.

Going through the season of change and being uncomfortable is normal, especially while in college, but being aware of your confidence level is important for staying mentally and emotionally healthy during the process. Don’t let what’s going on get the best of you! Dress up, Stay positive, and keep your #BlackGirlMagic on fleek, you got this.