Roc Nation Marketing And A&R Intern, Kanique Swinson


Hailing from the South, Kanique has really used her college experience to cultivate her future. She definitely leaves no stone unturned as she participates in different organizations on campus, is student body President of her college, and enhances her resume with amazing entertainment internships – enters, Roc Nation!  This collegiate scholar exudes what it means to be successful: she has confidence, keeps perspective, and her tenacity is admirable. 

Find out about her role as student and professional below! 

Name: Kanique Swinson

Age: 21

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

School: Syracuse University

Undergraduate Major: Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

Internship Company: Roc Nation

Internship Title: Marketing and A&R Intern


Why did you choose the college you went to?

As a southern girl from North Carolina, I love the small, sports town feel of UNC-Chapel Hill. However, I always knew I wanted to go to school out of state, so when I applied for colleges I looked for a college that had strong school spirit and a small town feel similar to UNC. And for me, Syracuse was that – it gave me connections to NYC and I still got the experience of studying in a small town.

Why didn’t you attend an HBCU?

Syracuse University was able to offer me a top study abroad program, a highly ranked marketing program, and great diversity! It was never PWI vs. HBCU for me – although I applied to both PWIs and HBCUs.


What organizations did you join while in college? Were any influential to the current career path you’re interested in pursuing?

I joined an organization called OrangeSeeds at Syracuse and it really helped me get very involved on Syracuse’s campus. The organization was specifically for first-year students who wanted to build their leadership skills and it helped me accomplish this. Now, three years later I am the student body President of Whitman School of Management, an RA on campus, a member of the Student Philanthropy Council, and I have two internships both in entertainment marketing!

Although no specific club helped me with my career path, everything that I participated in allowed me to practice my leadership skills in a professional setting and helped land my current internships!

Most influential college professor and/or course?

Dr. Minet Schindehutte (Dr. S) teaches a class at Syracuse called Entrepreneurial Marketing and it has been my favorite class thus far. Dr. S’s class taught me how to think outside of the box and her free flowing teaching style allowed me the freedom to let my creativity really shine.

What’s your favorite college memory?

I found out that I won two Syracuse scholarships, and that I was the new President of Whitman School of Management all in the same hour! It was amazing day and is definitely my favorite college memory thus far.



How did you receive this internship?

I received the internship through a referral from another executive in the industry that I networked with. I interviewed for the position and began working several weeks later.

What is a typical workday like for you?

As a label intern at Roc Nation I work in both the marketing and A&R departments. So my day includes coming up with creative ways to market different artists and whatever product or album they are promoting at the time. I also help scout new and upcoming artists.

How does this internship fit into your long-term goals?

My long-term goal is to become a top entertainment marketer in NYC, so this internship was my first stepping-stone toward making that happen!

What has been the most challenging moment of your internship?

Coming up with creative ideas that no other company has done before can be a little stressful and tough. However, I was fortunate enough to work with a group of other qualified interns and we always managed to put our heads together and come up with something.


Has being Black affected your internship experience?

Roc Nation is a company where most of the employees are black, so being black in this professional setting did not hinder me in any way. If anything, it helped me to be around and learn from people who had to jump through the same hurdles I had to!

How do you feel you were uniquely suited for this internship?

Before my internship I studied any and everything I find out about the industry. I was extremely prepared to take on this internship. So I recommend that any person interested in going into the entertainment industry be hungry for success and study every aspect of the industry. Also, network as MUCH as possible! You never know where your next big break will come from.

In your opinion, what are the most detrimental traits you can have as an intern?

Do not assume that you know everything; it is great to ask questions if you don’t know something! Also, it’s okay to mess up sometimes because as interns companies expect us to mess up a little bit. Just be confident and remain humble through any and all mistakes. Take your internship as a learning experience that reveals what to do and what not to do.

How would you describe your office culture?

Our office culture is full of high energy, filled with execs and assistants who want to help you succeed. I felt equally as welcomed from the receptionists as I did with the founders and CEOs of the company!



Boyfriend material, which one: Alpha, Kappa, Omega, Sigma, or Iota?

I think any man who believes in scholarship, service, and brotherhood is ALWAYS boyfriend material!

Favorite Quote (or lyric)?

“Always gon’ be a bigger house somewhere, but nigga feel me… Long as the people in that motherfucker love you dearly.“ Love Yourz – J. Cole

Beer, Wine, or Juice?

Could sweet tea count as juice? ☺

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Binge watching ANY and EVERY show written by Shonda Rhimes.

Most played song on ITunes?

“Loveeeeee Song” by Rihanna


Thanks Kanique for helping us to inspire & Empower!