Tips: Shopping for BAE


So you look up at your calendar and crap, it’s December. ALREADY. A mental never-ending list of gift recipients flood your head. Grams, siblings, parentals, and bae amongst many others. You find yourself overwhelmed, especially when considering you’re working on a college-budget. What to do? First, take a deep breath. There is still time to tackle this list. Family is typically the easiest to shop for on a budget, because let’s be real… they pretty much appreciate whatever you can manage to think of. Then there’s bae, you want to impress without being flashy, something thoughtful, and the word a college kid loves to hear “inexpensive”. So how do you pull this off without pulling out your hair? Here’s some tips to help ease your mind:

  • Start as early as possible. The closer we are to the holidays, the closer we get to finals, last minute projects, and tons of org meetings. Knock out some shopping prior to the end-of-semester madness. Your sanity will thank you later.
  • If you have a set budget for the holiday season, don’t worry. You can stick to it but you have to keep in mind what you bring to the register – literally. And make sure to take advantage of  student discounts.

If your guy or gal is a techie: Sony gives students a nice 10% off purchases. Lenovo has offers for up to 25% off.

If you want to go the more traditional route of clothing: J. Crew offers 15% off, ASOS offers 10% off through, Levi’s offers 15% off via UNIDAYS, and Banana Republic offers 15% off in-store if you have an I.D. present.

In the tragic case that you forget your I.D., you can still receive a discount at these stores if you have a military I.D. – Eddie Bauer, Forever 21, Ralph Lauren Outlets, and  Old Navy offers 10% off, and Express offers 10% on top of any valid coupons.

So lesson takeaway: keep those embarrassing IDs handy!

  • Be thoughtful. Think about the things that bae likes. Are they artsy? Do they like to try new foods? The more thoughtful the better.
  • DIY is DEFINITELY still in. Maybe you can start a scrapbook, a wish jar, a build-a-bear (they not to old,  I still want one) with a message inside if you are long distance. Those things make the holidays special. Taking the time to show you care through creativity always makes for the most memorable gifts.


The holiday season can be VERY stressful and sometimes we lose sight of what it’s really about. Showing that we appreciate the positive people that surround us, especially our boos that put up with us year-round, is important . Hopefully these tips take the edge off and you have a peaceful holiday season!


Love and Blessings,

Kim J.